Rhythmic Convolutions

Diego Stocco

"Rhythmic Convolutions" is a set of 200 Impulse Responses designed to add motion and timbre transformation to rhythmic loops, drum machines, drums and instruments with a percussive quality.

Rhythmic Convolutions are audio files (48KHz / 24bit .wav) that can be loaded inside convolution plugins that accept user's Impulse Responses. There are many options available, some DAWs like Ableton Live already include a convolution reverb. There is also a free plugin from Wave Arts that works really well: Convology XT.

"Rhythmic Convolutions 2" is also available: gum.co/FFSRC2

  • Size
    44.9 MB
  • Format
    Audio Files: Wav 48KHz 24bit
  • Size44.9 MB
  • FormatAudio Files: Wav 48KHz 24bit
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Rhythmic Convolutions

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